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USA GR 9 - 12



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Class scheduling with subjects etc

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USA semester based master schedule

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Automated Schedule Building

All building sections are fully

automated and extremely fast.

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This is the heart of the program - the intelligence of the program. All sections of the program are fully automated and extremely quick; this program is mathematically driven, using algorithms, running off a fast binary file system.



Maths Based Program

Which has been developed over

the last 16 years

The entire time that the schedule is being built, the program sends small sonar-like waves into the data field, in much the same way that seismologists use sonar waves to locate geological structures beneath the ground, etc. In this manner the program has an ex-ray view of the information, and so knows how to adapt to the scheduler ‘terrain’. This incorporates high level programming with a great deal of intelligence behind it.


Student Choices

Create, overlap and

optimize your


The student choices and the number of classes per choice subject, and the best optimal combinations are created and optimised. It is very easy to change the students subjects or their teacher. This version also features a viewer that is used on a daily basis to find and/or change the student’s schedule.  See Student Version


Easy, Fun, Fast:




Easy Personalization

- Reserve Teachers

- Placement of subjects

- Easy moving of subjects








Easy to use:



















Binary File Format

Binary intelligent

mathematical algorithms

Is our building different from others?

Yes absolutely! While many promise - we can deliver. Our program is mathematically driven, using algorithms, running off a fast binary file system. We would sometimes spend weeks just to improve one algorithm by a few percentage points – saving you precious time.



We are not a database drive program

Most scheduler programs currently, are database driven, which, by their very nature, are slow in their core data access. Imagine your student information system is like a warehouse; it is big and stores a lot of information in all the right places. Now imagine a master scheduler is like a delivery truck having to go about town gathering different kinds of information. Which do you think would be the best - having a full warehouse move around town, or a quick, easy-to-manipulate, lightweight, little pickup truck? Obviously the pickup truck will be the best way to go. In the same sense, this scheduler is compact and fast, being able to go right ‘around town’ in a very short time.


Web based scheduling is of course so much slower, since it is limited by external service speed.  To give you a typical example, when the program builds, it analyses 12 000 students per second. Now you can see why the other two types of systems are slow and not the best platform from which to build a schedule. The reason why most applications are data or web based, is because it is easy to do. Now this is good enough for data base application for administration, but not when it comes to the number crunching of master scheduling.




- Fair and balanced

- Cellphone notification

-  Individual student substitution.

We offer two kinds of teacher relieve or substitution

a) Class Substitution: This is also know as the baby sitting system where, when a teacher is absent another teacher looks after that teacher’s class.  Again, we have improved the system where the user can specify the number or percentage that a teacher should take substitution, e.g. a deputy head should take fewer substitutions.

b) Student Substitution: The big advantage of this system is that the teachers no longer have to use their free lessons as above to take substitution, and the substitution is based per student.




Subject Meetings

Create a subject meeting

during school time, in the

teacher’s free period

This is a very useful feature that creates a subject meeting during school time.




Student Information System

For a truly integrated system

We have created a data exchange protocol with some brilliant Online Student Information Systems, to deliver a complete package. In the program, you click on your company’s logo, enter your school ID and login details, and the scheduler information is directly imported from their website into our program. In the same manner, the schedule information is sent back, once schedule has been completed. See Integrated System. See Integrated System



All You Will Ever Need!

In a timetable or master

schedule program

We love feedback and many schools have made some wonderful suggestions that we have added into the program. You will be working with a program that has had input from principals with years of experience.



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