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Frequent Questions & Answers

Frequent Questions & Answers


How can you be so inexpensive?

Firstly, our software is developed in-house, meaning  that we don't have to pay royalties to any third parties. Secondly, our software is easy to use and a perfect tool for the schools, making the need for our backup and support quick and at a minimum, meaning that  we don't have to pay high labour-intensive salaries like some other companies do.


Full Integrated system

We can import and export for most SI systems. The best combination is to link with a web-based student information system. In our scheduler program, you login and the information is directly imported from your student information site, into the scheduler. The same happens when the schedule has been completed, information is pushed directly back into their system with the click of a button. We need to make arrangements with your particular web-based system, if they are not already on board, to open up this ease-of-use system . Please see this link.


Apple Mac

The program can run in the Microsoft Windows mode of an Apple Mac. Please see link.


Can I download the program myself?

The standard class scheduler (does not have students), we can send on to you for download and you can complete the schedule yourself. This is usually for primary schools. The download link for the student version is sent after the import of your data. This means that when you receive your download link, your schedule would already be set-up 90% correct in the program. The benefit here, is that you can start with the correct program and data already configured correctly.


Must you do my first schedule?

It is recommended. With the student version - we will do the import of learner information for you, and assist with the initial setting up. We then send a download link to you that contains the program and your information. This is to assist you in setting up your schedule structure correctly, and save you time, and to make sure all your requirements have been incorporated correctly from the beginning. The idea is to take workload off your shoulders.

After the initial setup, you can do your schedule independently, making use of our support, should you require it.



Will I be blocked in any way during the validation time?

No. The program will be active for 365 days and you will not be blocked or limited in anyway. The printouts will have a notice ‘evaluation’ on it, but besides that, all the functions will be made available and you can print the complete schedule. Once you pay for the program, the ‘evaluation’ on the print outs will come off.


We do not accept sensitive data:

We do not accept any sensitive data like passwords, financial details, disciplinary comments or student identity numbers, etc.



Because our product is easy to use we can offer full support, all-inclusive - includes minimum to maximum support to your school.This encompasses assistance once-in-awhile, right through to fully assisting you with your schedule. All this is inclusive and you will not have an open, escalating account.


Support email turn around:

Our response to emails is usually within 24 hours and this usually sorts out most of the requests. Depending on the request, we either reply with the answer to your question, have a look at you schedule data, if that is what was needed, or arrange an online meeting for more advanced assistance.



On-line support meetings

We assist the schools with telephonic and online meetings. See top right ‘Join meeting’. An online meeting is a screen-sharing meeting, where we can assist you as though we were sitting right next to you, in your office.



So what are you waiting for?

Complete the ‘getting started’ page and one of our scheduler representative will be in touch...


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