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USA GR 9 - 12



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Class scheduling with subjects etc

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Class and student choices scheduler

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USA semester based master schedule

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Choices Version: Specifications

Includes all the standard features + individual student choices





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Student scheduling according to unique subject choices
For use in: High Schools and Colleges.



All the building phases are automated.





Begin: Import of student data



We will assist with the initial set up and complete building of your first master schedule / timetable.






Step 1:  Entering Of Information

Because we import the student information,

80% is already set up correctly (the program learns your data).

The primary information that needs to be added:

- Groups per subject, e.g. Maths 2 groups.

- Teachers workload.







Step 2:  Building The Choice Combinations

- Build the combinations according to each student’s combinations.

- Improve the combinations.

- Optimize the class sizes.

- Overlap the different grade combinations to avoid teacher clashes.


Automated building of combinations.

Combinations can vary according to each and every students’ individual choices.

Automated overlapping of combinations, (no teacher clashes).

Automated optimal balancing of class sizes.

Easy moving of students between classes.

Easily remove subjects from combinations into pure registered classes.

Move and manipulate the combinations with ease and flexibility.

Automated fine tuning the keys (restore optimal  class balancing)







Step 3: Building The Master Schedule

Personal placements of subjects e.g. Home Economics.

Reserve certain teachers for meetings etc.

Build the timetable (fully automated).








Step 4: Viewer

Works on a network.

Used by all to locate, change and view students’ and teachers’ timetables.

User privileges can be set.

Includes substitution type 2:  student distribution.


Easy to change students subjects (shows workable subjects)

Easy to change an individual student to another teacher (shows workable options).

Specify how student changes are made:

 - Keep optimal class sizes.

 - Keep the same teachers.


Easy export of student data.

Live, active, exchange link with administration system for an integrated system.

Print Outs

Teacher, Subject, Student, Class lists.

Individual student schedules.

Subject matrix (used for examination timetables).



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