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Contruction_Worker_With_ClipEvery master schedule has personal rules or restrictions that govern the way that the master schedule needs to be built. These usually can be divided into the following two categories:


a) The teachers that need to be reserved. This is to ensure that a teacher will be available during a certain lesson or block. This can be for a number of reasons, from reserving the deputy head, to part time teachers, that can only teach during certain time slots and can be done for both semesters individually.

E.g. during the Spring Semester, a teacher must be free in the morning, and during the Fall Semester the same teacher must be free at the end of the day. In the schedule program we reserve teachers with a subject called [meeting].


b) Subjects that must be placed at a certain time:  As above you can pre-select where a subject must be placed. The subject will be pre-placed and locked so that it cannot move again.

E.g.: PE Boys and PE Girls at the end of the day, and Cooking before lunch.

Personal requests can also be divided into the following categories:

a) Must haves:  These are situations such as - where a temporary teacher has signed a contract with the school, that stipulates that she can only teach during certain times.  It is contractually crucial that she be accommodated into the building of the master schedule. “Must have’s” like these, you add into the ‘Construction Rules’ screen. Once this is done you need not worry about it again, since the program will automatically place it during the building phase. You can validate that all the rules have been placed, once the master schedule has been completed. This is a nice way to ensure that all your requirements will be been accommodated. (See screen shots below.)

Step 1 : Specify your ‘must have’ rules during the input phase.



Blue is Semester 1

Yellow is Semester 2

Step 2 : During the building stage these rules will automatically be incorporated and placed. See screen shot below, after the master schedule was successfully built.

Note that each rule is verified as being placed correctly with a Yes_green


b) Nice to have: These are low priority requests and can be done after the master schedule has been built. You can move the schedule subjects around and lock the subjects where you want them.

(See screenshot below)


To move subjects around, click on the [move] button at the bottom left.

Remember to [lock] the subjects when you are done (right bottom)

Take note of the ‘Subject tested=261,295,131’ in the status bar.

The program does all the checks for you, to show workable solutions.

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