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“Ten to fifteen years ago, I could build my timetable with ease, but over the years the requirements have grown to such an extent that it’s just not viable anymore to build the timetable by hand, no matter how good one is at it and I took great pride in my timetable building abilities. So began the search for a good software program, which turned out to be expensive and frustrating. Many software companies made claims that didn’t work out practically for me, or they said they could build my timetable, but after 3 or 4 weeks, told me that they were sorry but my timetable was impossible to build and I had to make changes to the staff that I really did not want to make. Then a colleague recommended using the timetable program they were on – BenchMark. What an amazing experience this is, to use this program. It really is fast, fun and looks great. I end up making several different timetables by myself that other companies claimed was impossible. A great software program - I highly recommend it. The backup is good too, though the program is written so well that I hardly have to ask for assistance. Excellent!”

Mr. F. Barendze – Deputy Principal - 910 students, using this program for 3yrs









“With such a complicated mixture of teaching combinations, dual and parallel medium, FET and Life Orientation, the list of complications is endless, but with BenchMark I have the flexibility and ease to do my timetabling in such a short time. We highly recommend this program to all schools. Few schedules can be as complicated as ours is.”

 Mr. David Last – Head of Language Department - 1400 Students, using this program for 7 years








“We have a very high level of open subject choices for our large student numbers, but nothing seems too much for BenchMark timetable program to handle, it builds in a matter of seconds, literally, and that’s with all our teachers’ individual requirements. As a result, we are fortunate to be able to offer our students all of their choice subjects and no clashes. I highly recommend this program to all schools with open subject choices. Thank you BenchMark for making the special changes that you did for us - it has made the world of difference to the smooth running of our school. We highly recommend this program to all.”

 Mr. W. Badenhorst – Deputy Principal - 1100 Students, using this program for 10 years








“The BenchMark Student timetable program is fun, well set out, looks great, is user friendly, is extremely fast and I can rebuild as many timetables as is needed during the year, without fuss or bother. I love working with it. I can rely on BenchMark school scheduler program to be ready every year, on time and with any latest updates that the Education Department require us to do. I really appreciate the fact that the individual needs of our school are accommodated fully, without any scarifies to the teachers or learners. The program is flexible and customized for our needs”

Mrs. T. Prinsloo – Deputy Head – using this program for +8 years









“We liked the look of the BenchMark school scheduler program and so opted for it, being very impressed with the way the software gave us the same, if not more control, as when we had previously created our timetable manually. I found BenchMark timetabler much easier to use than the one offered by my marks admin system. What I find really great about the program is that it is really easy to use and it looks great.  Support is also always available.”

 Mrs. Martella Meyer – Head of Department of Mathematics – 450 students and using this program for more than 5 years








“The BenchMark Student software has been invaluable, and particularly useful at times when timetable changes are necessary due to staff changes, or rotation of staff for any reason. Our school has continued to use the BenchMark Student software program for many years now and we have no intention of changing.  Its valuable new features are added reliably via the annual up-grades. Thank you for standing by us, and for the help when we need it - we appreciate it. ACTion is tops!”

 Mr. G. de Beer – Deputy Principal  – 880 students








“The power of the BenchMark timetable software program, is that it can be used in both large and small schools as well as Primary and High combined. BenchMark Student timetabler is a comprehensive piece of software in every way - it is fantastic to say the least. Using this software makes what was a time-consuming job, now easy, and I can do it in only a fraction of the time.”

 Mr. Nakesh Salikram (Deputy Principal) & Mary Stacey (Head of Humanities Department) – 860 students, using the program for more than 8 years








“The BenchMark program gives me what I require to complete a great timetable for my school. What has been particularly useful is how easy it is to try different scenarios before deciding on a final timetable solution. This is not a program that will become outdated. The training and support provided combines both practical and inspirational guidance. Well done BenchMark, your programming is superb! User friendly and efficient!”

 Mr. R. Dayanand – Principal – 632 students, using this program for 7 years








“For some years now, I have been able to approach the timetabling season with pleasure, ever since I began to use the BenchMark Student timetable version. Every year I have appreciated the improvement in the software in response to Users' needs and comments. Moreover I have known that if ever I hit a problem, even one specific to our school only, it would be sorted out easily and fast. BenchMark timetabler has an extraordinary degree of flexibility built into its program, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of places. Outstanding program guys.”

 Mrs. Susan Muller – 680 students and have used this program from the beginning








“BenchMark is the only program that I know that can handle such high unique individual subject choices as well as all our teachers’ individual requirements and still build a fantastic timetable within seconds and without any clashes. Wow, a great program, thank you.”

 Mr. N. Geertsema – Deputy Principal - Students 240, using this program for 2 years









“Our timetable is complicated with multiple languages and it works like a charm. Support is excellent. Thank you.”

Mrs. S. van Rooyen – Head of Mathematics Department - 1200 students, on this program for 8 yrs








“Highly recommended! Great backup and support!”

 Mr L.P Jonker - Deputy Principal 









“Very happy with BenchMark timetable.”

 Mr. Derek Schafer – Deputy Principal  - 1270 Students, using this program for about 5 yrs









“Best timetable program on the market.”

Ms. Sieglinde Niebuhr – Subject Manager of IT Department  - Students 550









“User friendly, excellent customer service. We are very happy with BenchMark.”

 Ms. Zoe Bibbings – Deputy Principal - 850 students, using this program for 5 years









“The BenchMark school timetable program is the best program available.”

Miss. L. Scholtz – 1020 students









“Our timetable is quite difficult with many options, but the program offers us a lot of options to build it. BenchMark is a pleasure to use.”

 Mr. Johan Joubert - Deputy Principal - 1600 Students, using this program for 7 years







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