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“I was one of the first schools to purchase the BenchMark School Timetable program in my area and within 6 months all the other schools around me also came on board with Benchmark School Timetable. Since then, none of us have had timetable problems and we enjoy our timetable-building season, with our full holiday season to ourselves. The Benchmark Student timetable program gives me all the choices my school needs. The program's greatest power is in the speed with which it builds any timetable (with seconds to build the combinations) and demolishes any would-be clashes with absolute ease. Should there be any problems with the planning, it shows you instantly where they are and gives you the options with which to solve them. Right from the start the Benchmark Student timetable program not only made the job easier, but, increased my confidence in this amazing product.  Even the secretaries enjoy using the Benchmark Student timetable program Viewer section, to find pupils, change their subjects or teacher. It saves them tons of time that they would ordinarily have spent  referring to lists. I enjoy using Benchmark timetable! Great program!”

 Mrs. Rene Wolmarans - Administration Assistant, using this program for + 12 years









“After first taking over the timetables at my school, I was concerned that as a novice I would struggle to complete a timetable for such a fairly large school. We have about 1700 students. I am able to complete my timetable by myself in a very short time. It is nice to know that the program can accommodate whatever requirements you might have. Without doubt I will continue to use the BenchMark timetable for as long as I am responsible for the timetable. If I were to move to another school, and they did not have BenchMark, I’d even purchase it myself if I had to, it’s that worth it to me. I can highly recommend Benchmark to any new school”.

 Mr. J. Jordaan – Deputy Head – 1700 Students, using this program for more than 10 years








“I find BenchMark timetable a brilliant, easy to use, software package that is wonderfully supported by a highly knowledgeable programmer with good backup. I can always rely on BenchMark to be there for me when I need them. With BenchMark I have peace of mind and know that my school will always open with a working timetable that can be changed very quickly, with no clashes, if there are staff and pupil subject changes, as there invariably are. Thank you!

 Mrs. Barbara Burnett – Deputy Head – 700 students : Time with Benchmark – ‘Forever’








“As a new timetabler, I have found BenchMark a Godsent. I was worried about taking over the timetable responsibility, but colleagues recommended BenchMark and I can’t be more satisfied with this program. If only all my other computer programs were as good and as easy to use. Makes life very easy when you need to create a very complicated timetable.”

 Mrs. Tracy Oliver – Vice Principal – 920 students, using this program for more than 8 years









“I have found BenchMark timetable program and invaluable tool for planning and the building of my school timetable. Also the hiring of more teachers is not necessary anymore because now the timetable can be built. I am now able to produce a new timetable for my school quickly and easily, with much more options and flexibility than before.”

 Mr. G. Swart – Deputy Principal – more than 800 students, using this program for more than 9 years 









“BenchMark has clearly been put together by a programmer with great experience in timetable building, and the needs of the schools. A great product for novice or experienced school timetable builders. Excellent program.”

Mr. P.J. Naude – was Head of Department, now on the Governing Body – 600 students, using the program for more than 5 years









“BenchMark Student timetable has excellent auto-scheduling routines, the user can also easily place classes and reserve teachers manually, using the easy drag and drop method. Love it! As expected, the completed BenchMark Student timetable can be pasted straight into any format and sent to the Education Department according to their requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend the BenchMark Student timetable software program. Emails to the company always elicit a swift and helpful response.”

 Mr. S. van Niekerk (Deputy Head), Kalay Naidoo (Head of Mathematics Department) and Sean Tune (Head of Department for Grade 10 ) – 1630 Students, we are going into our second year of using this program








“I have found this BenchMark program to be able to build a timetable that the other programs cannot begin to manage. BenchMark has two different ways to handle substitution, fairly and with ease, which notifies the teachers via their cell phones. Now we have no more complaints from teachers, and it is quick to work out every morning. Imagine, the teachers can keep their free times and the students still get substitution. Great work BenchMark! Excellent program.”

Mr. P.A. du Plessis  - Principal – 850 students, using this program for 5 years









“Using BenchMark saves me so much time that I can now enjoy my summer holidays with my family, which I could not do before. We used to need a large team to build the schedule, but that is no longer necessary and the timetable can now be done by one person. Any changes that have to be made during the year are quick and easy.  I have also found this company to be honest and not tell me things like my timetable is difficult when it is not. Thanks for a wonderful program! This program is excellent! And support is good.”

 Mr. M. Venter – Deputy Principal  - 1250 Students, using this program for more than 5 years








“We have a very complex timetable, basically two schools in one, with very high unique student subject choices. Thanks for updating the program according to our needs. We are grateful”

 Mr. F. van Rooyen – Deputy Principal - 1000 Students, using this program for 7 yrs









“Outstanding program! The BenchMark program is updated every year according to the schools’ needs.”

 Mrs. E. van Loggerenberg – Deputy Principal and Head of Mathematics Department – 1200 students, using this program for 8 years









“We are very happy with the system! Great work.”

 Mr. H. Potgieter - Deputy Principal - 1050 Students, using this program for 3 years









“Professional service!”

Mr. M. Mills – Principal – 900 students, using this program for about 15 years









“Excellent programme!”

 Mrs. Jenny Koste – Head of Science Department - Students 700, using this program for 4 yrs









“BenchMark is very well organized and is updated regularly. Help is always available.”

 Mrs. B. Nolte – Deputy Principal - 730 Students, using this program for 8 years









“Thank you for your personal help and support”

 Mr. H. Stebbing  - Deputy Principal – 750 students, using this program for about 10 years









“We would be lost without the BenchMark program. Thanks for a great product”

 Mr. P. Cronje – Deputy Principal – 670 students, using this program for about 7 years







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