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Our master scheduler is a complete scheduler solution for your school, whether you are a small or a large school; middle, high or combined school.



It has been designed with the following criteria in mind:

- It is easy to use

- The program makes sense – is easy to follow

- Building the master schedule is super fast

- Reduces duplication between the systems

- Conflict matrix has been improved to show workable student solutions

- Great support when you need it

- No longer do you have to drop students into classes so that they can have a schedule – it gives them what they want.


Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a program that is just great to use, easy to understand and make sense of, right from the start, and not have to pay a fortune for training that ends with, “well, know you know how to build a schedule manually on the software, good luck”.

How fast is it?

A good schedule can be built within 3 minutes with a 95% FIRST CHOICE accuracy!

How does the program work?

The heart of the program is that it is in mathematical and binary file format, and not database driven, and this is what sets this program apart from the rest.


Be a happy counsellor:

No longer does a couCounsellorr_sittingnsellor have to sit with a time-consuming conflict matrix, trying to solve and re-solve difficult issues, making huge compromises along the way, while in the back of their minds a little voice says ‘I’m sure there must be an easier way” – Well, now you have found it!


The counsellors say that this program is light years ahead of the software that they are currently using, and they’re enjoying the benefits of the speed and solutions that they now have.


If you are new to master scheduler building - welcome aboard – you’re going to love this program.


If you are an experienced scheduler builder you will love the power that has now be placed into your hands that is fast, accurate, and helps you to assist the students so much more.


You will have the power of workable, yes, workable solutions at your finger tips. Not longer will you have to spend hours placing or dropping students into classes or even building the schedule for that matter.


Changing students (see link)

Imagine a student walks into your office wanting to change a subject. You say - sure what would you like to change - and click on that subject; instantly a list of all workable solutions is displayed. Right there and then, you can have an interview and make some suggestions for the student. Click on the agreed new subjects, and then print, to give the student his new schedule.


This is the reality that is experienced by counsellors in the USA, using this program.

Fully Automated Building

This really is the heart of the program and what really distinguishes it from the rest. The speed of the program is unbelievable and it usually builds a good master schedule in under five minutes, with an accuracy of above 95%, of first choice subject placements. This includes building the schedule according to your criteria, as entered during the input phase. This includes the course manager, semester information, student requested choices, as well as the personalised construction rules. See link


After the master schedule has been built, there is no additional work that you need to do, like assigning subjects to teachers, moving subjects around or trying to improve it. It is almost impossible to improve on the schedule that has been done, since it checks for the best possible solutions first.


Having the speed and flexibility to build the schedule quite quickly has numerous advantages, in that a number of schedules can be constructed in a very short time, classes can be reduced and more students can have their first elective choices.


 Thus the schedule is completely built within a few minutes as per your input!



Less work, more enjoyment:

The program is easy to use and a feast for the eyes. Just look at this screenshot, doesn’t it just say:

‘This makes sense, and so it should!’


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